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About Us

Okiru was created by Lori (GirlHero) & Donnie (MindSV) x D A R I K A 

Okiru in Japanese means to "rise / get up / wake up"...

Our message... 'Wake up & do what makes you happy!'. We've been wanting to do a project like this for awhile now - We have the motivation to keep that message alive for us. Hope you all have something you look forward to that makes you get up & do something. 

Okiru is a combination of things we enjoy - all things anime, Japan inspired, cars & skate.

M E E T  T H E  T E A M


About Donnie - Owner, Business Management

When he's not running the Okiru business, he loves to work on video content for his YouTube channel. This shop was created from his idea and love for both cars & anime. 

About Lori - Co-Owner, Creative Designer

Besides working on the Okiru shop, she's also a full-time content creator and streams on Twitch (variety games & IRL). She's happy to use her graphic design and social media skills to help run this shop! 

About Darika - Product Artist

Darika has been very close to us every since she became Lori's official emote & graphic artist on Twitch. She enjoys creating art, fan-art & photography!